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Created on 2012-05-15 07:05:59 (#1621270), last updated 2014-05-14 (175 weeks ago)

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Name:Vox Vagabond: Where Wandering Muses Play
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated

What Is This?

Somewhere, in the vast space between worlds, between games, between all the places our characters play, there is a nexus. A place where they are aware of what they are. A place where they wander. A place that connects them to everything else. Think of this as the place a character sits when they make their posts to Dear Mun. Or where they wander when without a home.

Any all characters are welcome! Original characters. Duplicates. AUs. This is an open RP community, as open as Dear Mun, Bakerstreet or anything else you might find.

How Does It Work?

Simple. However you want. There is a loosely defined area that acts as the hub, the core of this world. It is here that characters can access anything that could possibly be imagined! Whether through a door, by touching an object, saying a word, or just simply being there, they are sent off to another world. These worlds are the threads and posts that are started! Some will remember how they got there, some won't. Some worlds will give the characters whole new memories, as though they had been in the world their entire lives!

This is somewhere between a Dressing Room set up and a general meme community. You can have a running story through out, or just hop in to one of the general posts. You do not need to define how your character got there. The hub is there just as a means to have fun! There is no set way on how it works.

What Can We Do Here?

Almost anything! This is meant to be an open, general RP setting. Anything from alternate universes to crack plots to game tests! Maybe your character isn't even present in the nexus, but has instead stumbled upon a means of communication with people from other worlds.

However, there are a few rules that limit the sorts of things that can be posted. For the most part because there is an abundance of these in other communities, such as Bakerstreet. They are as follows:

1. No Random Number Generator posts (leave the scenarios open).
2. Please keep posts targeted specifically for shipping purposes to a minimum (IE "The Morning After" meme)

And one final, general rule: If the intent is adult content, please ensure the post is clearly marked.

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